Friday, May 30

:: What a Vile Human Being

Obama's campaign continues to be a vehicle through which some truly vile people vent their anger towards - and disgust with - white women
I had heard Obama had replaced Rev. Wright with a different spiritual advisor. As it happens, it was merely Obama's church inviting a guest speaker, who just so happened to have strong political opinions, and just so happened to share his opinion about Hillary. But because I don't pay that close attention, it wasn't until today that I learned this guy is some kind of bizarre Catholic priest - WWF wrestler hybrid. There's video, so I won't go too far in depth here. I'll just say that:

1) a very angry man screaming at the top of his lungs about how much he resents someone - how novel. A very angry man in a collar screaming at the top of his lungs about how much he resents some powerful woman - wow, I'm shocked.

We've all seen this plenty of times, from priests and non-priests, and it is always ugly. This guy sounds like one of those professional wrestlers when they go off on some diatribe about Jim McMahon. Except those guys are actually trying to act like steroid-addled freaks.

2) I'm glad to know that because not one of my ancestors had zip, zero, anything to do with slavery, I'm off the hook regarding contemporary racism. What a relief. Can't say the same for Scientist-at-Large though. He should be spending the rest of his life on his knees in abject apology for things his ancestors probably did.

3) Every presidential candidate believes he or she deserves the presidency. Why is this only evil when its a woman who believes in herself? And as for entitlement... there is no precedent for a woman becoming precedent. W felt entitled simply because of who he is - a member of the Bush family. Hillary had to fight her way to the top.

Okay, so I started to go in depth. Here's the link to the video; for the moment I've forgotten how to the do the embedding thing.

This guy is disgusting. And look at that flock of sheeple getting off on his anger. Its like Church of the Living Dead in there.



ladybec said...

How convenient that Barack decided today to announce that he had resigned his membership at the church when all the attention is focused on the Dems' Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting. It's like he wants to reap the rewards of making that decision and getting this out of his hair and yet doesn't really have the guts to own it by trying to have it blend into the background. I'm so sick of this crap and why the media won't call him on any of it, like the fact that his campaign was fanning the flames of Hillary's RFK comment last weekend and they all just joined right in on his side. Blech.

Nina Miller said...

Ugh. Scientist-at-Large and I watched some more priesty clips on the uTube. This guy is scum. Nasty, lying, repulsive scum. Setting the content aside, since when is it appropriate for anyone to taunt and ridicule another human being from the pulpit? This is the sort of behavior that you punish - or so I have been led to believe - when you see it in children. This man is an adult, behaving in a way that you wouldn't accept from a six year old. Pure, raw bullying.

But I guess this is one kind of person who is attracted to Obama. The kind of person who is looking for an opportunity to vent their vileness at some utterly assailable target. Imelda Marcos, Leona Helmsley, Martha Stewart, Carly Fiorina - so easy to hate for doing things that we don't blink twice at among powerful men.

I swear to god, I've had it with these people. No more.

onelight321 said...

"these people", Ciccina? What, oh what, do you mean by that?

YOU ARE A JOKE! You are so fucking pathetic, that you don't even have ANY facts to back up anything you say. You just make up shit as you go along.

Anyone who said "hi" to Obama and didn't support Clinton is now a sexist. Anything that is anti-Clinton is now sexist. What a joke. Get a life, you crazy freak.

Nina Miller said...

Ah. I need to get a life rather than spend time on this blog. But the expletive spewing maniac commenting on the life-wasting blog - now he's using his time productively.

Oh my.

Anonymous said...

Saying that none of your ancestors had anything to do with slavery is as foolish as saying that you should apologize for things they did. But because of your ineptitude you DIDN'T say that. In fact you said, none of my ancestors had [nothing] to do with slavery. This is a double negative. You are an idiot and do not deserve the privilege of written word.