Wednesday, March 26

Why I do what I do

I know this isn't political at all, but I had to pass along this post from filmmaker Lisa Russell. Lisa is in Ethiopia filming a documentary about unsafe abortion in Africa. She is one of those remarkable people who can walk into a bar, a town center, a village, a hospital and stories just land in her lap. The most remarkable, painful stories. And somehow she manages to tell these stories in a way that is personal and unsentimental. (Her previous work has focused on HIV/AIDS and the delightful topics of obstetric and traumatic fistula.)

Check it out.
Lisa Russell's Film Blog: Happy Endings (Sort of)

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Wednesday, March 12

:: All right I've had just about enough of you people

Seriously. If I have to watch yet another dumb-ass Democratic political male tearfully apologize for something he knew was wrong while he'd been doing it for years, I'm going to join the Southern Baptist Convention. And if I have to read yet another 3rd wave feminist screed about how all the second wave feminists are thoughtless bigots, I am just going to vote for McCain. And finally, if I have to read again about how a Clinton supporter has made an idiotic or misguided comment, I'm going to vote for Ralph Nader. Happily, I don't have to respond to any of these because since everyone must have something to say in response to somebody's article or blog, someone has already responded for me. But still, I'm about to declare myself an election-free zone. Wake me when we've got a nominee.

Instead, I choose to meditate on issues like whether baby koalas can hold their own eucalyptus leaves.
Tiny Baby Koala

Ahhh...that's better....
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