Wednesday, May 28

:: OT: Blogging from the Apple Store

Before I begin, I have to say (with pride) that I am actually LIVE BLOGGING for the first time! Very exciting. (How do you write that anyway? Live blogging? Live-blogging? Liveblogging??)

What is not exciting is that I've come to believe that Young People have never learned any manners. I despair. I sat here for ages before anyone checked to see what I was doing, if I was being helped, if they could point me in the right direction. And not coincidentally, the only one who asked was the only woman behind the "Genius Bar"! Does being a genius mean that you do not have the capacity to make eye contact? They seem to be very nice to the people they are actually helping.

The other example of this sad trait was the woman who pushed up next to me when her name was called without even saying "Excuse me." I heard her speaking to the tech -- sorry, I mean, "genius" -- and she seems to speak English. Perhaps even as a first language. But apparently, "Excuse me" is not in her vocabulary. Sigh...

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Nina Miller said...

Oh, my dear, I'm afraid the fault is all yours.

You seem to have forgotten the number one rule of customer service: THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE OIL.

Whenever I feel neglected, whether its in a store or restaurant, I simply start doing something with the proprietor's property that is not *really* permitted. Believe me, you bring some unpaid-for merchandise up to the Genius Bar and start fiddling around with opening the package, inserting mystery discs, etc, and the pertinent Genius will be all over you. And the more persistently troublesome you are, the harder s/he will work to get your problem solved and you out of his or her zone of responsibility. All without a confrontation. You go away happy, the Genius is happy to see you go away, it all works out for everybody.

Couldn't agree with you more though about the youth. They are appalling.

I am on track to be an absolutely sterling Old Person.