Friday, May 16

:: NARAL Jumps In Hole; Digs Deeper

Could NARAL get any more pathetic?
I know you don't have to be a rocket scientist to "do" advocacy, but I didn't realize the standards had dropped this low. These women are rock-solid stone stupid.

Perhaps you saw the New York Times article on the endorsement. Here is the link. I will share with you the dumbest moment, because I wouldn't want you to miss it. I've never met Elizabeth Schipp, and after this I hope I never have to.
Ms. Schipp also said there was a feeling on the board that endorsing a black man at a high-profile juncture might help Naral shed its image as an organization for white women only.

“Has it been in the past?,” Ms. Schipp asked. “Yes. Do I think the face of the choice movement is different today and do I hope Naral plays a role in that? You bet.”

Wrong. NARAL is NOT an organization for white women only. It is an organization for MORONS only. Or at least it is now.

There are no words. There are too many words. How many ways can you say stupid? How many synonyms? In how many languages? How about antonyms for "smart"? There are a lot of those, too. I could fill pages with them. I could add new ones. From now on, the term "to pull a Nancy Keenan" will mean "to defeat your own purpose in one spectacularly stupid gesture."

Tomorrow at 3pm there's a "web chat" that I guess you can access from their website. I'm going to watch it if I remember (that's a big IF, I know). I want to see how many false-positive comments they plant. This has the potential to turn into a virtual auto-da-fe, which would make me very happy.

There are quite a few so-called feminist leaders who share the blame for this, but NARAL really jettisoned to the head of the pack - in one season, they have pissed away all the clout we have worked to accrue for women voters. Gone. These so-called leaders have demonstrated that a candidate doesn't need to talk about women's issues, doesn't need to have a strong record, and doesn't need to commit to anything - and you can still get the support of women's groups. And, if for some reason you don't, no matter - because you can win without the women's vote. Just move forward talking about real issues with real voters - the women will come along eventually (they always do).

Incredible. NARAL should not continue to exist as an organization. They need to fold up the tent and send the circus clowns home.

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