Sunday, October 28

:: The One-Month Gap

I have not posted anything for roughly a month for a very good reason. Her name is Coco, the Foster Dog.

Coco entered my life about 45 days ago, fresh from the Baltimore dog pound. She is a lovely beast and a classic bull terrier. She is perfect in every way save one: incredibly bad manners.

Coco is not yet spayed, is a bit of a biter, and likes to play rough. Not being spayed precludes her from doggy daycare, and being a menace precludes her from dog parks and sidewalk interactions. As a result, she bays to go out and get at her peers as though she has the rabies. Keeping her settled down, especially when Dr. Boyfriend, Scientist-at-Large is not home, is near impossible. And the biting... the biting. She loves to play bite. A play-biting bull terrier is a major hazard. Also she has eaten $300 worth of Camper shoes. (Dr. Boyfriend’s butt-ugly sandals she leaves alone. Too ugly to eat, I presume).

Being home with her is like taking care of a fanged, hairy three year old with a talent for the high jump. She needs constant supervision. But she is a good dog and I have high (almost desperate) hopes that she’ll find, in the parlance of Rescue organizations, her “forever home” soon.

Today, though, Coco and I have worked out an arrangement that is allowing me to write. The arrangement is enforced by means of a rolled-up copy of the latest New Yorker. Don’t judge, ladies, until you yourself have experienced a bull terrier springing over the back of your chair on to the top of your head in order to bite your hair. I mean it.

While I don’t know why her original owners surrendered her to the pound, I believe this sort of behavior might have had something to do with it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for fostering a dog from the Baltimore Animal Shelter. You know these dogs need special attention and extra care to prepare them for the next stage of their lives.

Tom Berger
Pretentious Pooch
Baltimore Dog Store
1017 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Nina Miller said...

How kind of you to leave a comment. She's a great dog... I kvetch but really she's wonderful. So full of love, and after all she's been through. I can't give her enough attention during the day to keep her permanently, but the rescue society screens people carefully to make sure they can handle the "bull terror."