Monday, October 1

:: The Canary Has a Friend

Ladies, we have achieved our first blogroll listing. The website for DC Drinking Liberally now lists us as one of its member's blogs. We are just that much more closer to achieving respectability. And having respectability makes burning your bridges so much more impressive (read: fun).

Amazingly, I managed to get them to list us using my Canary email account, anonymously. It took a long and tortured email explaining that I really was a member, even though I couldn't say who I was, not that they would know anyway, and not that I care that much, but the other bloggers do, so they would have to take my word for it, etc. I'm sure it was a treat for them.

Yay Drinking Liberally!

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omelas said...


I link you, even though I have no idea who you are!!