Saturday, September 6

:: Strange Times

Erica Jong has a repulsive column up at the repulsive Huffington Post. Ms. Jong is participating in the "just who do those ignorant hicks think they are" message strategy. The highlights are:

"Like Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin calls up memories of tough nannies, nurses, governesses and mommies.... If you think the real America means guns and motorcycles, snowmobiles and beauty contests, this pistol-packin' Momma's for you. Irving Berlin was wrong: you can get a man with a gun....White trash America certainly has allure for voters. Some people think rednecks are more American than Harvard educated intellectuals of mixed race."
But I quote this not to disgust you; rather, I do so to provide the context for an awesome comment I saw in response to the article (not at HuffPo, of course; at The Reclusive Leftist.
Mike J. says:

I read the article and my reaction to it was not nearly as restrained. I doubt it will be cleared by the moderators.

This is absolutely the craziest political year ever. The Clintons being accused of racism. Conservative base of the GOP rallied by a woman. Republicans rallying against sexism in the media. Feminists telling women they should stay home and raise babies, not run for office.

If I were into the Book of Revelations stuff, this would definitely look like End Times to me.

And it is only getting stranger.


Eidin said...

This has been a strange and disappointing election cycle and it's getting weirder by the day.

Nina Miller said...

You bet.

Fellow blogger Ladybec just informed me of an LA Times piece identifying Palin as pro-responsible sex ed (i.e. teaching about condoms).