Tuesday, August 26

:: Updating the Numbers

New national numbers from Gallup and a few states.....

White Men: Obama 35%, McCain 56%
White Women: Obama 39%, McCain 48%

They have McCain up in Florida 47 - 43%.  Male likely voters back McCain 50 – 41%, while women split 45 – 45%.   McCain's overall favorables in Florida are 55 – 32%, compared to 51 – 36% for Obama.   Goodnight, Florida gender gap.

By contrast, in Ohio Obama leads 51 – 37% among women, while McCain leads 50 - 37% with men. The overall numbers are Obama-McCain 44- 43%.  Quoth Quinnipiac: “The big question in Ohio is how much the gender gap will decide the election. Gender support for each candidate is a virtual mirror of the other. McCain is winning men by the same margin that Obama is carrying women. Something has to give one way or the other."

Pennsylvania's overall number is Obama/McCain 49-42%. Obama leads 53 – 37% with women, McCain leads 47 – 43% among men. This poll was conducted too early for the Biden announcement to register.

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