Monday, February 18

:: Thanks, Daisy

You will experience a brief disruption of service.
No blogging for a while; nor any posting: no internet at home.

Why, you ask? Because a certain foster dog decided to escape from her crate and redecorate our spare bedroom. She tore it down, and then she tore it up. She pulled the cable out of the wall and chomped it. She pulled the cable box off its wall-mount, and the ethernet cable with it. She crunched the connectors. She ripped and chewed through (not necessarily in that order) the power cord to her portable heater. She dragged boxes and chairs around. She "dug up" the wool rug and left it in a heap. She did unspeakable things to her crate. She knocked furniture over. Curiously, she left a rabbit-shaped plush toy unscathed but for a little drool. I'm sure it was just an oversight. She was a very busy girl.

Scientist-at-Large wondered how she chewed through so many electrical wires without getting shocked. For all we know, she may have been zapped unconscious any number of times, only to rise again to finish the job.

All Hail, Satan's Little Redecorator.


ladybec said...

And people think I'm weird for not wanting to have a pet? I like my decor and internet access just the way it is, thanks. We'll miss you, Ciccina!

Anonymous said...

She looks so proud of herself!

Nina Miller said...

She is a very happy little beast.