Tuesday, December 11

:: There's conservative, and then there's just plain dumb

This is priceless. In a house stop in New Hampshire, Mike Huckabee is asked whether is "Christian beliefs" would keep him from supporting prevention programs advocated by the Global AIDS Fund. While he never actually says no, he does spend a great deal of time talking about how asking someone who is HIV+ to have safer sex is like asking someone to drive not as drunk as they would otherwise. Or to please not be quite so violent with their partners.

Well, gosh, that sure cleared it up for me.

Our friends at Pandagon and Pam's House Blend had fun with Huckabee's '92 statement that AIDS patients should be quarantined. I was willing to knock that up to being an ignorant redneck -- I mean, we were already well into the epidemic, but frankly, a lot of poor Southern states were totally behind the ball then and now.

And it's not like I was cheering for Huckabee either -- sure, he's a charming, rock-music-loving Baptist preacher man, but I'm pretty sure he's well convinced that I'm going to hell for any number of factors of my lifestyle (the drinking, the sex, the belief in a woman's autonomy).

But now I'm quite quite he's truly evil. Let's sum up, shall we?

Oh, and he's willing to admit evolution into the classroom as "the prevailing scientific theory" but he thinks students should be exposed to others.


So tell me, do any of the other Republican candidates rival this one for the Ignorant Redneck award?


Nina Miller said...

Ha! Great minds, and all that. I just finished writing a post on the very same thing!

PJ Alau said...

...and as long as we've brought up the current whacky-ass form of Christianity that is currently being pursued in our country, I'd like to take this moment to wonder what happened to the kind caring understanding Jesus that I was raised with? I'll leave it to the musical stylings of Mr. Jeckyl and Dr. Hyde to explain my feelings on the matter. See:

Well Jesus was a homeless lad
With an unwed mother and an absent dad
And I really don't think he would have gotten that far
If Newt, Pat and Jesse had followed that star

Refrain: So let's all sing out praises to
That long-haired radical socialist Jew

When Jesus taught the people he
Would never charge a tuition fee
He just took some fishes and some bread
And made up free school lunches instead
So let's all sing out praises to....

He healed the blind and made them see
He brought the lame folks to their feet
Rich and poor, any time, anywhere
Just pioneering that free health care

etc etc

Kirsten said...

Word UP. I swear that W got me back to church, because I was listening to all the crap he was spouting about God and tax breaks, and I was pretty sure that I didn't correspond with what I learned in church when I was growing up. Turned out, I was right after all.