Thursday, November 1

:: Come Out Of the Closet, My Friend AV

A little bird told me that somebody doesn't post here because she supports Obama and.... and.... and what? Does she think she is going to get bit or something?

I have news for you, ladies. If I had the supernatural powers to send lightning bolts to strike people down from a distance I wouldn't be the frustrated, cranky individual I am today. Not only that but there would a lot more crispy people in the world than there are now. I mean seriously, what do you think is going to happen? Sadly, my ability to wreak havoc from a distance is limited. My budget is just too small for that sort of thing.

The Canary sings, not stifles!

Really, people. I'm surprised at you.


Kirsten said...

Come out, AV! Come out into the light! You can safely support Obama here. Look at me -- I have already declared that I don't have a candidate love, but if I did...well, it could very well be Obama. Although according to one online source, my candidate should be Dodd. Eek.

Buffy said...

No judgin', only love amongst canaries.