Tuesday, April 3

:: What Would Molly’s Mother Do?

DC can be a bit of an echo chamber and it is sometimes hard to tell if what is playing here is also playing in Peoria. That is when I turn to my friends and family outside the Beltway and ask "what the fuck?" I call it the molly's mother test. I know this superb fundraiser and she would often joke that she tested her mail and messages out on her mom. If her mom understood it and thought it was compelling then other “regular” people might as well. Who is your “molly’s mother”? I think my molly’s mother is failing me because when I saw that Rep. Tancredo has announced he is running for president all I could think was - who is giving this guy money? Is there really a constituency for Rep. Tancredo’s crazy ranting?

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Nina Miller said...

I saw Tancredo speak at C-PAC. I was sitting next to a beefy blond guy who enthusiastically nodded in approval at all of his anti-immigrant stuff (which is 90% of Tancredo's schtick). All I could think was - this is the kind of guy who 75 years ago would have been calling my grandparents guineas and wops. I really wanted to nudge Beefy - who easily could have been of Irish extraction - and say that, but I was concerned that at C-PAC that might be taken as flirting. He was there with his wife, and she was pretty beefy too.