Tuesday, June 3

:: Yes, I Will Not Vote For Obama

Watch this and tell me that despite this, its worth it to vote for this man. I'll take my chances with four years of McCain.
Well, kids, I've fallen a bit behind. I only watched this today, though its been out for weeks if not months. And lord knows its not because I've been working so hard.

I don't need any reminders to stimulate my antipathy towards Obama. But months from now, maybe it'll begin to fade - I doubt it, but maybe - and that's when I'll return to this video.

You have to watch the whole thing for the impact to settle in, because the cumulative effect is the whole point. Would that I had the ability to re-cut it and add some additional material that needs to be in there: the "tea in exotic locales" comment (Obama), the "specious claim to experience" comment (Kristof), the verbal vomit of Father Pfleger. [Also to correct that one typo!] More than any other time in my life, I want to learn video editing.


onelight321 said...

Ciccina, you are obviously a deranged Clinton supporter with no sense of rationality.

I hope you get what you wish, I hope the Court turns conservative, I hope McCain gets 8 years, I hope Jeb gets 8 after that. I hope Roe gets overturned. I hope you see what REAL sexism looks like. Then, and only then, will you realize the stupidity of your actions, as your fellow women are forced to find coat hangers. You are like the Jew voting for the Nazi.

But the people, well they get what they deserve......we'll see in the fall if there are enough DUMB ones like you.

Ciccina said...

Welcome aboard, my new, demented friend. I look forward to many instances in which you demonstrate the very qualities I find most objectionable. In other words, thanks for playing!