Monday, June 9

:: Two Photos of the Boys in Action

Its the new metric.
You tell me what these photos say.
Old vs. Young? Security vs. Risk? Solid Leadership vs. Fruity Narcissist? Country vs. Urban? Tradition vs. Trendiness? Rugged Individualist vs. Elitist Snob? Experienced Dad vs. Know-it-All Son? Everyman vs. Whole Foods Nation? Beer vs. Malbec? Navy Cap vs. Safety Helmet? or Classic, its Two Guys Again, Of Course.

Enhance your viewing experience. Look at the photos and pretend - one at a time - that you are: a blue collar white or latino man; a suburban soccer mom with two kids; a Wall Street Journal reading white man; a white or latino female nurse; a white or latino low wage worker of any gender. [I think we know already what African American voters think].

Senator McCain speaking to reporters after taking an air-boat ride in the Everglades, June 7:

Senator Obama on a family bike ride, June 8:

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