Wednesday, August 1

:: Stupid Beyond Belief. Beyond Belief!!!

Check out this column - and no, its not about Michael Vick - -

[It occurs to me that I can only name two football players off the top of my head: Michael Vick, and Boomer Esaiason. Okay, and Joe Namath, and the guy in Something About Mary – that’s four.]

- - its by Anna Quindlen, writing in Newsweek (the magazine that arrives free of charge at my door and proceeds directly to the trashcan designated for junk mail) about a “mini-documentary” she found on the You Tube. I could tell you about it, but why not just watch it instead. [UPDATE: this video has been disabled, but you can view it at a different address:
You know, we’ve been screaming that these people are total f-ing idiots for years now… and yet I am still stupefied by the stupidity. The Canary is not pleased - not pleased at all!!!

Quindlen’s column features Jill June, who we (all five of us) know and love... Jill should have ground through all her molars years ago (and for all I know, maybe she has).


Buffy said...

Well now that there is stupid, stupid, stupid tag I am going to have to go back reorganize the postings.

Ciccina said...

It almost goes without saying, doesn't it. Did you watch the clip? I knew what was coming and it still made my head feel like it was going to explode.

Post something.

ladybec said...

Wow, the clip is brilliant and makes you want to bang your head against the wall at the same time. You do know what's coming, and yet you're amazed that people actually say it. But good ol' Jill is right - we do need to connect the dots: there is no logical reason that if abortion is illegal, women shouldn't be punished and jailed for having them.

Ciccina said...

Oddly, Doctor Boyfriend (Scientist-at-Large) said the question was confusing. When I asked him why, his answer confused me. I think he was being Doctor Cranky.

Also, he thought they were all (except the old lady) lying. That had never occurred to me - except in the case of the last woman, who is clearly well trained to deal with demons and the nefarious way they mix their lies with the truth to attack our faith.

What do you think - I mean, did you get the impression any of them were lying?

Buffy said...

Lie and look stupid, tell the truth and look cruel. sucks to be them. I love the view from my moral high ground.

ladybec said...

That's interesting - I really didn't think they were lying because the antis here have never been so into criminalizing the women themselves (unlike in so many other countries where women are jailed for obscenely long periods of time for having illegal abortions). I really think that most of them have never thought about it and seem to truly believe that somehow women get manipulated into making bad choices and don't make such evil choices of their own free will. Yet another reason that I will never ever agree with them - I definitely think there is an underlying lack of belief in women as capable of true moral agency.

I'm not sure how Dr. Boyfriend could find the question confusing, but I guess that's why his PhD is in science, not English. Or are we just too steeped in this kind of thing to be able to judge objectively anymore?

And do you notice how the three of us always end up having these conversations amongst ourselves no matter what method we use?