Monday, July 7

:: Is NARAL just there to decorate the office?

I woke up this morning still in a tizzy about Obama's idiot statements about abortion over the weekend. So I headed over to the "Equality Means Choice" group on I was pleased to see this at the top of the discussion list - and they are none too pleased. I'll join with them and send my scathing comment to the campaign to suggest they pull the candidate's head out of his ass and actually consult with some skilled pro-choice leaders that have publicly affiliated themselves with the campaign.

However, it is not at all clear that these "advisors" will actually be of any help. This is from the AP story on Obama's idiot statement:

In a statement, NARAL Pro-Choice said Obama's magazine interview is consistent with Roe v. Wade.

"Sen. Obama has consistently said he supports the tenets set forth by Roe, and has made strong statements against President Bush's Federal Abortion Ban, which does not have an exception to protect a woman's health," the organization's statement said.

"No! Really! He's going to be ok! We promise!" Wow. Once again NARAL has shown that they are so desperate for political relevance that they will undermine their own positions.
In case you forgot what those were (they clearly did), AP will helpfully remind you:

The official position of NARAL Pro-Choice America, the abortion rights group that endorsed Obama in May, states: "A health exception must also account for the mental health problems that may occur in pregnancy. Severe fetal anomalies, for example, can exact a tremendous emotional toll on a pregnant woman and her family."

Sadly, the opposition defended Obama better than his own pro-choice "advisors":

A leading abortion opponent, however, said Obama's rhetoric does not match his voting record and his previously stated views on abortion rights.

David N. O'Steen, the executive director of National Right to Life, said Obama's remarks to the magazine "are either quite disingenuous or they reflect that Obama does not know what he is talking about." [emphasis mine]

"You cannot believe that abortion should not be allowed for mental health reasons and support Roe v Wade," O'Steen said.

Jill at Feministe has a nice post on this topic - so much more articulate than I find myself capable of being.


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