Tuesday, January 1

:: Happy New Year

Does anyone have any good New Year's resolutions? Mine are the usual stuff...

  1. Get organized, or at least do something about those drifts of paper;
  2. Purchase (and use) a blackberry or sidekick (just to cut you off at the pass, I mean the T-Mobile variety, not Ricardo Tubbs or Donkey. Let's not get too crazy here);
  3. Exercise a little, it probably won't kill me (also maybe take a vitamin once in a while);
  4. Do my bit to elect our first female president; and
  5. Accelerate the feminist revolution.
That's it for me. How about you?


ladybec said...

That's pretty much my list - especially #1. I really want this to be the year that I come up with an organizational system for all the clutter. I love the information, but I desperately need a way to keep it from taking over my life. I know you all think I'm super-organized, but not nearly to the extent I need to be. I'm trying to figure out ways to keep more information digitally so I can reduce some of the paper clutter, especially the damn magazines. It took me two days before Christmas to clean out a year and a half of magazines, and the one bedroom apartment just doesn't accomodate the magazine obsession so well... I do have a Treo through work, but I'm not sure it's revolutionized my life so much. Again, I can't seem to give up the paper planner. But I guess it's all about the baby steps, right?

And #4 and #5 are must-dos for sure, especially now that I put the Hillary bumper sticker on my car!

Ciccina said...

Honey, you just keep that car far away from Hillary herself. I know your track record!

Buffy said...

Yes to all that and travel more..
for pleasure

zippy said...

I've given up trying to get organized on my desk. I just want to clean regularly. But here are my resolutions:

1. Get acupuncture: I'm sick of the friggin' migraines

2. Get a dentist

3. Get some real savings

4. Meet new people here in NC (since my favorite people are moving away).

5. Keep away from the blackberry (it has this nasty habit of raising my blood pressure!), but get the palm pilot working again!