Thursday, December 13

:: "Someone" is Frustrated...

"Someone" sent us an unapproved phone script, hot off the campaign press.

Hi may I please speak with______?

Hello! This is ["Someone"]. I am calling on behalf of [Candidate X]. How are you doing this evening?


Have you decided who you are supporting in the presidential primary?

Still “undecided”?


Have there not been enough TV and radio ads, phone calls, mail and debates for you?

Is there a certain issue of concern to you? “None in particular”? Really? Are you totally apathetic?


Will you be voting for the last name you hear before walking into the room?

I see!

What would it take to make you decide right now?

Money? A gun?

I am taking away your voter registration.

You can not be trusted to use it wisely.

Thank you and have a good evening.


I think someone needs to send "Someone" a care package....

1 comment:

zippy said...

I think "someone" needs to come back home and go teach kitties to paint or something...